Monday, December 21, 2009


Started off the month with a Gingerbread house..he did quite well.

Went to see the lights with the rest of the state..I'm not kidding it was PACKED...and cold.

I love the temple.

Isn't this just beautiful!

Owen couldn't hold his bunny because he was all bundled up so we tucked it in his jacket..he was happy.

Ella hardly complained even though she couldn't move.

This is what she wore this last Sunday to church...she is so cute!

Us in front of the tree.

I tried to get the kids together but that wasn't happening.


So I know this is a month late but whatever! Over Thanksgiving my mom and I took my kids to San Diego to visit my sister Rikki. She had to work a couple of the days so we packed up her kids and my kids and went to Sea World...I love that place!! I forgot my camera on the first day but remembered to bring it on the second trip to Sea World..HOWEVER..I accidentally left it sitting on the bench when we left the Sea Lion show! Yep thats right and when I went back to get was GONE! I tried to control the tears and the SHEER anger I had at myself..but it was hard. I asked ALL the show people if anyone had turned it in and was just gone. So on the way out when we were leaving I checked the lost and found..AND MY FAITH IN HUMANITY WAS little angel for the day......had turned it in!!! I shed a tear..I did!!!

Grandma, Ella, and cousin Aiden.

Then the day before we left we went to the was a must. This is ALL Owen did the WHOLE time!

Don't you just LOVE pigtails!

I wish I lived closer because cousin Baylee was the biggest help and Ella just adored her!

It happened to be Rikki's birthday while we were there so we all went to dinner (my brother and his family included). Owen was beyond thrilled to be able to sit at the "kids" table and wanted nothing to do with me! Ella had no choice but to sit with me.

This is my sister. I love her. I miss her already!

Wednesday, December 16, 2009


Okay so we live by Santa..he's old, has a belly and ALWAYS has candy in his pocket! Ella received this lovely sucker from him and while I was thinking..WHAT A MESS...I could not help but smile and I still am!

Monday, December 7, 2009


I know motherhood isn't some glorious job but I truly do love it. But today was a HARD day and it isn't even over yet! Blake's away which always makes things harder. Owen for some reason wants NOTHING to do with the potty which is fine but I wish he had SOME desire! He got really mad today at the grocery store and wanted gum in the checkout line(we have tons of gum at home) and I said no so he proceeded to kick me and then throw all these things on the floor..with Ella in hands I couldn't do much but you can bet I was in tears by the time we left...SIGH....I can't wait for this day to end!

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Fall Pictures

We had some fall pictures taken by Tiffany Burke. It was a very cold day but they still turned out cute!

Friday, October 30, 2009


I got some pics taken of the kiddos the end of the summer and forgot to post here they are. The photographer was great and worked well with my kids. Her name is Abbey Kyhl and her website is AK Studio Designs. She captured some great photos.

This picture absolutely made me laugh..for days! Owen totally used her to get up. Typical day in our home.

Ella throwing her one of many tantrums!

I decided to get in on one.

Probably my favorite photo of Owen!

Monday, October 26, 2009


Oh ELLA!! She makes my heart melt! She constantly puts a smile on my face. If you are wondering why I didn't post any pictures of Owen this time, it's because he is becoming increasingly hard to photograph. You have to catch him on a good day or just forget about it!

Monday, October 19, 2009


I absolutely LOVE this time of year. And this year Owen is so excited for Halloween and everywhere we go he asks me to go to the Halloween section and if something is too scary he says "too scary mommy"! He loves all the spiders and witches. Ella could care less but she still points. Ella is constantly walking around the house saying YA YA YA. A little funny thing Owen did the other day was when I gave them both drinks and Owen hit Ella's cup with his and said "CHEERS Ella"..he got that from his dad..I almost fell off my chair laughing it was cute!

Monday, September 21, 2009

Ellas Ladybug Party

We had a lovely party for Ella on Saturday. It was ladybug themed. One of my best friends in the whole world sent us the little tutu for her party! We love you Lissa and you were missed at the party! Ever since Ella has been given real food she hasn't looked back..she LOVES it! She was all about her cake...she was such a mess when she was done. Note to self: don't wear white shorts when the cake has black frosting on it! Thanks to all our family and friends that came and helped celebrate her first year!