Sunday, June 30, 2013

June was a blast. We started off the month with what came to be a weekly thing, a summer hike. The first hike was to the lookout up Millcreek Canyon. It was beautiful and the kids did great. We hiked with Taggart's which of course is always good company!

We lined the kids up here. We had a baby, one year old, two year old, three year old, four year old, five year old and one six year old!!

Good buddies.

These three crack me up.

We had a great visit from our dear friends the Walkers. Owen just LOVES Camden.

I love Lissa and just wish she lived closer!

We had several pool days.

Rylee is Ella's friend.  They are two peas in a pod.

I have no idea why Tessa doesn't have a swimsuit on. 

One of Wyatt's favorite things is the bath. It's really hard to get him out.

Blake and I took a trip up to Stein Erickson Lodge for our anniversary. It was awesome. I try to get Blake to take photos and this is what I get. 

We wanted a shot in front of the place we had one of our very first dates. Unfortunately we thought this was it but it was NOT. We had a good laugh about this. 

We found a Yetti!

The view was spectacular. 

On Fathers day we cooked up a scrumptious breakfast for Blake and woke him up with our surprise. He probably would have liked to sleep in a bit longer but the kids couldn't wait any longer. 

For another hike we hiked Donut Falls. We even took along doughnuts to celebrate the hike (thanks Katie for that great idea). We went with the Taggart's and Lambert's.

After our hike we were heading to our cars when this lady asked if we wanted more doughnuts.....hey why not!

We made it!


One of the hikes we couldn't make it so Katie took Owen along for the hike.

We took Owen and Ella up to Midway for an off-roading adventure.  Owen was terrified at first but ended up loving it. 

This girl was ready the whole time! She was having so much fun. She even put her arms up!

We stopped for ice cream on the way home. 

For some reason Ella and I were the dirtiest!

This was right when we started!

And this was after!

The kids went for a hike with Blake for young men's and since the young women were hiking with them, Katie had her camera.  She snapped these of the kids. 

Our next hike was Ensign Peak. This hike isn't long but the views are so wonderful at the top. 

Wyatt terrorizing Owen. 

Wyatt turned eight months.

The kids gave Wyatt a lesson on how to work the water table.

He still has the bunny.

Poor Tessa and one o'clock church! She has a hard time.