Tuesday, April 30, 2013


April was a great month...especially since the weather started warming up!  

The Taggarts came by with a little April Fools joke....cotton balls covered in chocolate.

Ella had her preschool Spring sing.

Wyatt getting all the attention...like usual.

We went the Logan for animal days and I brought grandma Linda for backup!

Owen participated in the little Buckaroo rodeo. He was the very first one to ride the sheep. He did so good...until it bucked him right into the fence! He still was such a trooper!

Ella and Tessa were in heaven with all the furry, fuzzy animals.

The gang.

We went to Wheeler Farm. This is one of our favorite places to visit in the Spring.

This little guy cannot be contained.

Wyatt turned six months old.

Owen started playing baseball.

Thursday, April 25, 2013

Some new things.

Wyatt is now six months old and some here are some of the things he is doing:

*scooting everywhere..he is never still
*grabs everything and puts everything in his mouth
*gabbing and cooing and laughing a ton
*finally sleeping without being bundled
*eating solids and loving everything he eats

Tessa is two and a half and here are some thing she is doing:

*loving dance (her teacher said that out of all her students in twenty five years Tessa is the one that she can tell loves dance the most!)
*riding her plasma car to keep up with Owen and Ella
*she LOVES to sing and her favorite is her ABC's
*she loves to color
*she says the funniest things for ex: "I'm not joking Ella" or "oh my heck" makes us all laugh
*taking swimming lessons and learning to like it

Ella is getting so big and is now four and a half. Here are some of the things she loves:

*she is a social bug and I can hardly keep up with her play dates
*she loves to dance as well and loves when Blake comes to watch her
*she is swimming as well and is getting pretty good
*loves to dress up and do imaginative play
*is our peacemaker and she is the first one to do something we ask
*she loves to say the prayer and offers more than anyone else
*is Wyatt's best friend and NO ONE can make him laugh like her

I can hardly believe Owen is almost done with Kindergarten. He is six. Things he loves are:

*going to the skate park (he is really good and we need to get him some lesssons)
*loves riding his bike
*loves parkour and if you don't know what that is google it
*he is an excellent speller and has only missed one spelling word since beginning spelling tests
*loves to dance although he won't admit it
*loves his brother Wyatt and tries to make him laugh constantly
*loves to play basketball with Blake