Sunday, May 18, 2008

WHAT DO YOU GET.........

What do you get when you have a husband who visits Japan and a one year old boy........a mini Samurai!!! Blake brought this adorable outfit back from Japan. I couldn't stop laughing once Owen had it on. It was hilarious!! He kept shaking his head too...he was definitely in character!

Wednesday, May 14, 2008


So for anybody that doesn't look at every picture of my son and see his sidekick let me tell you, his little bunny is his LIFE!! I decided to try and go pick out a few decorations for this house of ours (still haven't gotten much) and of course Owen wouldn't leave his bunny in the car. I know I can make him because I'm bigger than him but it beats a whine fest! So after purchasing my 2 items and putting Owen in the car, I realize bunny is gone. PANIC set in!!!! Really set in! Now we do have a "back up" bunny that Grandma Walker brought us in January-- but people I didn't have it with me. So I quickly ran into the store to search for it-enlisting the help of all the employees. I finally found it. RELIEF set in! I got to the car and Owen was crying hysterically. I handed him his bunny and immediately he started to giggle...GO FIGURE! Who would have thought he would be so attached to a little bunny.

Tuesday, May 13, 2008


Owen will not let me feed him anymore. He also will not eat his food if I break it up...very annoying!! So I had to give him this bean burrito whole which he completely tore apart!!! He definitely has a mind of his own. I need to teach him how to clean up the floor after he is all done!!

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Best of Friends

My best friend Lissa is in town for the week and she brought her little boy over who is 4 months younger than Owen. His name is Camden and he has the prettiest eyes ever! They had fun playing and sharing gold fishes...of course they both were trying to shove them in their mouths at a faster rate than the other one. Lissa has her hands full because several times he beat up on Owen...that's okay I'm sure they will become the best of friends!! We did NOT plan the red shirts but it turned out pretty cute for a picture.

My Little Man

I bought these pajamas at this little boutique and I love them. They remind me of little man pj's. And of course the bunny is in the picture as well.