Thursday, January 28, 2010

3's a Charm

What is 2+1?
What is 1+1+1?
What is 1 three year old, 1 one year old, and an already protruding belly---that's right folks--ME!
We are expecting our 3rd child at the end of August! I can hardly believe it. And for the record yes I'm not feeling great and I am pretty much plastered to the couch. I'm excited to get to the second trimester already! And yes I am already showing..what is up with that!

Wednesday, January 6, 2010


You know you take a lot of pictures when your son says go get the camera mom! He loves to do anything to this couch EXCEPT sit on it!

I don't know..but I'm pretty sure I'm in trouble. This is my good friend Jamie's daughter Taylor!

This is Christmas Eve in their new jammies and they are waiting for Santa to come.

Joseph walking Mary on the donkey.

Mary taking care of her baby.

Joseph pushed Mary off the donkey so he could ride.

Christmas morning..Owen loved it this year.

Ella just wanted to walk around with her stocking.

Her favorite toy..her moose rocking horse!