Monday, June 13, 2011


Love this girl.

I haven't taken a lot of pictures lately..some days I'm lucky to get a shower!

Tessa recently decided to stand up all by herself. She can stand up from a sitting position without anything to hang on it!

They really do love each other and YES Owen is still attached to the bunny.

Las Vegas with some good friends

We decided to head to Las Vegas to visit our good friends the Madsen's for Easter weekend. We had so much fun and I realized just how much I miss having them closer! Thaniks for letting us invade your space and making us feel welcome.

There are so many GREAT parks in Vegas. Our kids had a blast playing together!

The boys got some ball playing in.

Tessa was a little angel as usual.

We went for a little hike. I gotta say Owen is my little hiker. He was ready to keep on trucking..too bad Ella wasn't. This rock about gave me a heart attack. It is just a huge drop off on the other side and I just wanted Blake to bring Owen back down.

We colored Easter eggs. Nicole always has great creative things for the kids.

This is Megan her youngest.

Courtney and Megan.

Ella wasn't so sure about this hug.

Owen of course had to use CARS stickers. And yes, he has asked me every day since he knew the movie was coming out, when are we going?

Ella's creation.

We got to do some kite flying..until one of the kids accidentally let go and the kite took off.


Better late than never right. Easter was a good one for us this year. Tried my best to get some photos. Enjoy!

Friday, June 3, 2011


So what do you do when you buy a ticket to Arizona to go visit some besties and then a couple days later both besties break the news that they won't be in Arizona when you come (long story-love you girls!) Well you beg your friends to make it a girls trip!!! Thank you so much for being the BEST neighbors and friends a girl could ask for-REALLY! And thanks to Blake for being such a fun dad and taking care of the kids so I could go relax!!

Love Love Love my Sprinkles!

You can tell by this picture we all came from COLD Utah-all of us are burned!

This is Kristin. Kristin is moving. I am sad.

Don't be jealous of our rental car!!! Nothing but the best for us!

Love these girls.

While all riding in the front seat. There was a third seat belt. Once again, don't be jealous.

Such a fun hike up Camelback. If you have never done it-do it! We got to the top in 44 minutes!

Best pizza joint ever and even better when you haven't eaten for like 8 hours!