Saturday, December 31, 2011


This year we decided to go bowling then head over to a friends for some games and fun! We left Tessa with Grandma since she can't hack staying up late.

The kids had a good time.

I kind of take bowling seriously! Notice the shoes I'm wearing? I own those puppies thanks to my good friend Katie!

This is Ella. Not much to say other than they loved each other. The night consisted of Owen telling her she was beautiful and Ella asking Owen to kiss her at midnight. So funny.

Thursday, December 29, 2011


Christmas eve we always get new jammies so we always get a picture!

This year Grandma Linda spent the night with us.

Earlier that day we went to Alison and Dan's house. We ate great lettuce wraps and way too much sweets. Then we opened presents and acted out the Christmas story! Owen was a shepherd.

I was Mary. I can't remember if Alison was a shepherd or a wise man.

Claire and Ella were angels.

Anything Rapunzel Ella loves, so she is excited in this picture. Owen got a cars launcher and hasn't stopped playing with it.

Christmas 2011

Christmas was so much fun this year. First of all, I need to comment on Owen's determination to see Santa. He would NOT go to sleep..even after NOT napping at all. It was close to 10 o'clock when he came downstairs and told Blake and I that we needed to go to bed so that Santa would come! Then we went to bed and Grandma stayed up a bit longer and Owen came to tell us that Grandma also needed to go to bed or Santa wouldn't come. Persistent little guy! But he won.

Ella's new dollhouse!

Every day since she received these nail polishes from Santa, she has asked to get her fingernails painted! Santa must have a sense of humor...note to Santa for next year: NO NAIL POLISH!

Owen was thrilled with all his Cars2 stuff.

Later that day my sister Angela and her family came over for dinner and to open gifts from Grandma Linda. Anna is laughing because she is holding none other than farting putty!! Owen laughed so hard!

Both the younger girls received Snow White dresses from Grandma.

My niece Lexi.

My sister Angela.

I love this picture of the babies...WHAT we aren't doing anything!!

I think it's funny that none of our kids ever sucked their thumbs but these guys BOTH do! They are only eight weeks apart.

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

December Happenings

We did lots of fun things this month. We started off the month heading to the Zoolights with the Taggarts. It was cold but not too bad and it turned out to be really fun.

Lance and Owen.

Lance, Tallie, and Owen.

Katie and I.

The fam.

All the kids minus Tessa.

We made gingerbread houses. I always buy these at Costco because it's convenient, but this year Blake's mom sent me a recipe for gingerbread. I think I will try it next year. Owens hair has a mind of its own.

We went caroling with the Young Women and Young Men in our church. It was least I thought it was!

Lance and Owen.

She had just thrown the biggest fit EVER!! But she is dang cute so it's okay.

I try to get a picture in front of the tree every year. Thanks to our neighbor for taking this for us.

They really do love each other.

A spur of the moment visit with Santa in Sugarhouse.

Owen's preschool Christmas program. He was throwing a snow ball in this photo.

Blake was lucky enough to get to participate. Doesn't he look so excited!

Singing his little heart out!

Tessa found Owen in a room before it started and sat on his lap.

I cant believe how much he has grown.

And, of course, visiting Temple Square.

Tessa was the happiest as soon as she was free from the stroller.

We were all bundled up.

What a beautiful temple.

Ignore the terrible rash on her face!