Thursday, October 31, 2013


The morning of Halloween Wyatt had to go in for surgery. He needed to have his tear ducts opened so his eyes would quit draining so much. It was very scary to watch him being wheeled back for surgery. I probably prayed the whole time he was gone. It was actually rather quick and he was back in my arms. He managed it better than I did.

Wyatt hadn't eaten anything since 7 that morning and all he had was juice. He didn't get taken back until close to 12. He was so good and hardly fussed about being hungry. He rode around in this little car for such a long time!

For trick or treating we went around our neighborhood with the Taggarts and the Wilkinsons. Its always fun to see our neighbors and the kids love getting candy.

Had to stop at Bishop Townsend's house!

This is the McCormacks. Such a sweet couple and she is Owens primary teacher and he loves her. 

Another favorite couple of ours is the Childs.

Sunday, October 20, 2013

More October Stuff

We went to the Millfreeks in the park and all dressed up for it...except Blake of course. We visited Hee Haw farms where the kids got to go in a corn maze, slide down a big slide on potato sacks, ride ponies, and shoot a corn cannon. We also went to the park with the Bowcutt's. 

Monday, October 14, 2013

October Hike

We took advantage of the nice weather and hiked with the Taggarts.

Friday, October 11, 2013

October Happenings

I took Ella and her best friend Rylee Udy to dinner and to get their nails done. This was part of her birthday festivities.  The Glendinnings came to visit and to take their oldest daughter to General Conference. We went to Gardner Village with Blake's parents and the Boston's. 

They loved getting pampered...but what girl doesn't?

She was so cute with the girls...reading them books and playing with them!

Kung Fo Grannie and Owen!

And of course Ella had to be involved as well.

Grandma chased all the kids for a good half hour. It was the best.

Blake turned 37.

We painted some little pumpkins for fun!