Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Tessa nine months + other stuff

Miss Tessa is now nine months old. She is 15 pounds that is 3% percentile and she is 27 inches which is 38 %. She is a very very very good baby!! She hardly cries...really..she has had 2 bouts of double ear infections and I had no idea until I took her to the Dr for unrelated visits! She eats tons of cheerios and food. She crawls all over. She sucks her thumb with her blankie! She is starting to pull herself up and walk around furniture and just yesterday she stood up all on her own for at least 10 seconds! We love her personality and Owen and Ella couldn't be better siblings to her.

Alyson and I (my friend) were talking about how cool it would be to have a lemonade stand..a cool one..and next thing we know her dad whips one up..awesome! We put it out last Friday and despite the cooler weather it was a hit (thanks to Alyson texting everyone she knows to come by:))

This sweet girl was our very first customer and you know what..she bought one lemonade and gave us 5 dollars and said keep the change..how awesome is she!

Hazel and Owen getting ready to sell sell sell!

This is Owen on Circus day..his last day of preschool.

I can honestly say Ella is my clown. She came down from her room wearing this. I love her. On a side note she completely potty trained herself which is quite amazing!

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Mothers Day 2011

While I would love to post a great picture of my kids and I on Mothers day with all three children cooperating perfectly...it's just not going to happen! Mothers day started off rough for me. Blake is out of town in Taiwan and I was trying to get all kids fed and dressed and fed again before out the door to church. Well I'm certainly not perfect and I ended up losing my patience way too much and then on the way to church tears started to flow! SIGH! But the day ended wonderfully and as I got a moment to reflect I realize I am so blessed to have three beautiful, healthy, and fun-loving children. Owen is my fire cracker, dare devil, monster truck loving, dinosaur studying boy! Ella is my singing, dancing, lotion wearing, funny, funny, funny girl! Tessa is my mild mannered, smiley, giggling, starting to stand up on he own baby! So I have to say that motherhood is the greatest blessing I have been given! My children make me HAPPY!