Friday, March 21, 2014

March Happenings

Tessa continued to take dance from Miss Kim.

Ella also took dance from Miss Kim. 

We went to Children's Discovery Museum.

We celebrated St. Patrick's Day.

Silly girls. 

We got the bubble maker out on a warm day. Wyatt loved it but he kept putting his face directly in front of where the bubbles came out and soon he had bubbles in his eyes.

Our cute neighbor Lily.

Sunday, March 16, 2014


Blake's work decided to send their firm on a humanitarian trip to Guatemala. They needed help building stoves in this little community. Most of the families have wood burning fireplaces that cause a lot of smoke in the houses. This leads to numerous health problems and sometimes death.  We went with Choice Humanitarian.  Our group leader was Rebekah. One of the coolest people I've ever met. We went to a little village called La Reforma. The experience was unparalleled. 

Upon arriving in the village, the villagers had put together a welcoming party for us. They lead us to some chairs to sit down. They gave all the women flowers and they gave home made hot chocolate to everyone. We were blown away by their kindness.

We tried to bring a few activities they never got a chance to do. One of those was painting toe nails and finger nails. They absolutely loved this. 

This is the beginning of one of the stoves we built. 

We got the chance to make tamales. 

This is how they made tortillas.

This is how the babies slept! I couldn't believe it!

This is their church on top of a hill.

I fell in love with this family. 

On our last night there they made us the nicest dinner. 

Before heading back we stopped at Semuc-Champey. It was these beautiful natural pools that you could swim in. Some even had rock water slides.