Tuesday, April 27, 2010


Everyone has been asking if we have had our ultrasound and if so what are we having....WELL...after much thought about it we decided NOT to find out the sex of the baby. Everything looked great in the ultrasound but everyone will just have to wait till it's born to find out what it is!!

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Easter Happenings

This picture was taken when we had the only day of sunshine we have had in forever!! As I'm blogging about Easter, I'm looking out the window and sadly looking at 5 inches of new snow on my driveway..UGH!

Easter egg decorating was the best..thanks to Family Fun magazine! They gave me the idea to use wire whisks! You put the egg in the middle and then the kids don't break the eggs when they dip them..BRILLIANT..and the best part is that it really works!

This is Ella..and yes the same smile!

Every time I look at this picture I think to myself what dire need he has for a haircut!

What the Easter bunny brought!

No, Ella is not sporting a mullet..although it kind of looks that way..I can't bring myself to have her hair cut..I just can't..and won't!