Thursday, July 31, 2014


For the whole month of July we rented a beach house on Seal Beach. It was so nice. We had many great visitors. The beach we were on just happened to have record numbers of sting rays and we had to be extra careful but it was still fun.

Wyatt would have jumped right into the waves had we let him. 

Ella and Owen had so much fun swimming in the waves.

Grandpa and grandma Walker came to visit the first week we were there. 

We went to a local aquarium. It was great to see all the sea creatures. 

The Madsens came to party with us next. They were a lot of fun.

We celebrated my birthday.

One of the funnest things we did was rent a boat and ride around the harbor. The kids loved steering the boat. 

Still had to pin the binkie somewhere for Wyatt.

I love this picture of my boys together.

Next the Bowcutt's came. Our kids always have a good time with their cousins.

We have A LOT of kids.

Jasper is always a character!

We found a spot where we could always find clams and we would dig them up and keep them for awhile before putting them back. 

There was a park right on the beach where we were staying which was so nice when we weren't at the beach swimming!

Wyatt kept doing this. He would dip his head into the water.

We could not get this fish out of the water.

The Rutledge's pool is always a must. Plus we love seeing them.

Owen had never tried this before and he got really good at it!!

Come on! That face!

Baylee is always a big help with the kids.

Ummm scary!!

This wave got them all wet!