Wednesday, November 16, 2011


Owen has officially started his skate lessons. He actually did really good. Blake was very proud!

The last 15 minutes Blake went out on the ice with him.

He started off with the support.

But then went all by himself. He only fell a few time.


The minute my kids saw all the snow they had to get bundled up and go outside.

This is Owen's way of bugging his sister, throwing snow at her face.

Halloween and fun times with grandparents

We are so glad when Blake's parents come to visit all the way from Canada. While they were here we did all sorts of fun stuff including a trip to Gardner Village!

This is Owen and his grandma walking home from church.

Tessa decided the best seat was on grandma's shoulder!

Hallween was so great this year..fantastic weather. The girls were all princesses and Owen was a Lightening McQueen guy, and Blake chose to be a scrouge.