Friday, March 19, 2010


The day started out at the park near our house..thank goodness for the sunshine lately!! This is the only shirt I could find of Owens that had green on year we need to buy some St Patty's shirts!

Ella is so brave at the park I can hardly believe it..maybe it has something to do with being a second child because she does not want to be left behind! She will go down a slide while I'm not looking and just fly off!

This was our cheese and broccoli soup with soft pretzels (I tried to shape them like Shamrocks but it didn't turn out so well)!

And of course we ended the meal with green cupcakes with green frosting....while Owen does this fake smile thing..this really is Ella's smile! She will have the most serious face and walk by me and smile like this..I laugh all the time!

This is Owen's smile for the camera! I love this boy!