Friday, September 30, 2011


WARNING LOTS OF PICTURES!!! We had the opportunity to go to Newport Beach this September with our friends the Taggarts. It was an awesome vacation.

One of the days we traveled to San Diego to see my oldest sister Rikki. She gave Ella this Rapunzel doll for her birthday.

Ella was fearless in the pool!

My very cute nephew!

My sister and her youngest son!

Ella loved being in the pool with her cousin Baylee.

The beach was the absolute BEST. The kids just played for hours.

Ahhh some manly together time on the boogie boards!

Owen loved running from the water.

This quickly became a favorite activity! Blake is quite a good sport.

He was pretending to shave Blake's face. The grossest part of this is he is using an old banana peel he found! GROSS!

Bike rides/walks on the boardwalk was also a favorite activity.


I love this one of the girls looking at each other.

We went to Disneyland to celebrate Ella's birthday. It was basically Ella's birthday week!

Tessa's favorite ride was it's a small world after all. She LOVED it.

Ella's favorite part was meeting all the Disney princesses.

The bunch minus Spencer, Blake, and Tessa.

Literally two seconds in the car and OUT!

One night we had a fire and roasted marsh mellows.

Katie and I took the older kids on the Ferry to Balboa Island.

Owen's face says it all.

On the last night we were there we took Ella out for a birthday dinner. We went to this place called Ferrels. Its an ice cream place but they make the kids balloons and they made Ella stand on her chair and they sang to cute. Notice the hundred chap sticks around her neck. That was Katie's birthday gift to her and Ella is still obsessed with them.

Ella wanted the princess crown. She also dressed up like Rapunzel.

Friday, September 9, 2011


Owen started preschool today. He was still a little unsure about going even though it's his second year. I can't believe how big he is getting!

Owen with his buddy Lance.