Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Owens 4!

Owen turned 4 on the 31st of January but we had a party for him before that because we thought Blake might be out of town. We had it at Bouncin off the Walls and it couldn't have been better. Lots of fun and no mess to clean up.

This is Owen opening presents...he was sooo into it this year!

He is a little Michael Jordon with that tongue sticking out!

So much fun! Even the adults were sliding down. I may have gotten a rug burn on one of my trips down.

Ella says daily, "I love Lance." He comes from a good family so we are okay with it!!! All in all it was a great party. Thanks to all our family and friends who helped celebrate his big day. I can't believe he's four! Can you hear my heart breaking??? I use to say all the time "I can't wait till he is older." I don't say that anymore!

Teaching Tessa how to do a superman!

Can't get enough of this smile.

She is looking at Owen here..she loves him!

Ella is always willing to get a shot this days.

I'm just throwing this in because everyone tells me she looks just like Ella..sorry folks I just don't see it!