Tuesday, February 28, 2012

February Updates

We celebrated my moms "sweet sixteen". You see she was born on leap day so technically she was sixteen. Yep, I made her wear a crown.

The girls.

Her brand new CAR!

Owen ruining her brand new car.

Tessa needed a shot at it too!

Messy girl. She loves cake.

This was Valentines day. I know her hair is crazy!

Ignore the nudity.

Ella was beside herself with her gift.

She is so silly sometimes. She cracks me up.

All three together..ahh I love them.

Wednesday, February 1, 2012


We had a lot of birthday fun for Owen's 5th birthday! On his birthday eve we took his friend Lance and went to Planet Play where we played games, rode the go carts, played laser tag, played mini golf, and ate pizza!! Then the next day on his birthday I took the kids to the aquarium. Ella's favorite part was the sharks and Owen's favorite part was the stingrays. Then we had our family over for cake and ice cream. Owen is such a fun loving crazy little boy. He is full of energy and spunk! He is very athletic and loves a thrill!

This is Owen on his first ski trip with daddy. Blake's exact words "he's got natural talent!" He was so proud.

I gotta say my favorite part was the otters. I loved them and really didn't want to leave!

Blake looked at this picture and said,"is that real?" I just laughed!