Monday, August 27, 2012


For Tessa's birthday we started off at the Hogle Zoo. This is where Ella spent her 2nd birthday as well. We headed to Red Robin for lunch, without Blake, so I should receive some sort of an award:)  We ended the night with some good old homemade cake and then opened some presents. I can't believe Tessa is two. Some of the things she loves to do right now are sing, puzzles, chase her siblings and dance. I recently put her in a big girl bed and the transition was flawless..she only got out a couple times the first night!  She is VERY independent and doesn't want help with anything including diaper changes..which can be very problematic. She seems to be wanting to potty train which I am not ready for so we will see how that goes. Every one comments on how infectious her smile is and she loves to smile! I adore Tessa and I am so glad she is part of our family. I'm pretty sure she is the most excited about the baby in my belly because she is constantly kissing my stomach and pointing to it and saying "baby"! She is so much fun to have around.


Friday, August 24, 2012


We went with my sisters family to Newport this year and it was an absolute blast. Although I gotta say going seven months pregnant was a little exhausting!!

After church on Sunday we walked over to the Newport temple which was right across the street from the chapel.

Aunt Angela got a lot of cuddle time. 

We went to Disneyland one of the days and I will NOT be going back for a couple was fun and so great to see my sister Rikki and her family. 

Luckily, grandma went on some of the rides with the kids!

Tessa's all time favorite ride is Its a Small World.

One day Ella better appreciate the hour wait to see the princesses!

Oh yeah..we ran right into the evil Queen!

All of us together! Isn't family great.


Even though it was Sunday we went down to the beach and Ella could hardly resist the water.

My niece Sara..she is getting so big I can hardly believe it.