Saturday, October 30, 2010


Blake's parents came for a visit and to meet Tessa. They are such a great help and the kids LOVE playing with them.

Both Owen and Ella were a little scared of the geese (as they should be..they seem to be a little agressive at Wheeler Farm)! Maureen kept explaining to Owen to just tell the geese to "keep moving"!

Owen loves dirt. If I was in Owen's head I think I would hear something like this. "The animals are kind of boring right now. I'm going to play with dirt instead and I'm going to get Ella to play with dirt too! Lets see exactly how dirty we can get before we have to go home!"

Oh yeah dirt is so FUN!

Yep thats my son..kissing a dirty, stinky, yucky goat!

This is proof of Owen pushing Ella head first off this log.

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Fun Thursday

My sister and I (along with my mom) decided to go to This is the Place Heritage Park for a little Halloween fun. It was really fun. They had this big train we rode around, a little train, face painting, trick or treating, and pony rides. Plus lots more but we only had a few hours. It was great to have my mom there too..always so much help!

Tuesday, October 12, 2010


Blake turned 34 yesterday! I am so thankful everyday that I married such a wonderful man. And on a side note Miss Tessa found her smile! (she has actually been smiling a while now.)

In true daddy fashion he let the kids blow out the candles. It was fun this year to get ready for Blakes birthday because Owen really gets it. They both helped me make the cake.

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Tess's Newborn Photos

Skye Johansen took Ella's newborn pics and so we had her take Tessa's as well. They turned out really cute and we also got a couple of Owen and Ella too!

Maybe my favorite picture of Blake!

You might be seeing this one on a Christmas Card:)

Tuesday, October 5, 2010


I went out for a few hours and I told Blake that I left the paint stuff out so he could paint with them if he wanted. This is what I came home to. Please note the previous post where we painted "neatly'! Owen said to me, "I painted Ella's hair!" They also "skated" on the floor!
Blake took these pictures and I'm grateful he did.

Another funny thing that happened was Owen was sent home with his bunny in a plastic bag and a note attached and this is what it said:

Dear Mrs. Walker,

Owen's bunny went swimming in the toilet today. Owen was quite upset but we explained that he can be washed-good as new.

Mrs. Tammy
Mrs. Julie

Those poor teachers fishing that bunny out of the toliet (which probably had Owen's pee in it). I had a little talk with Owen on the way home and we discussed the possibility of leaving bunny home next time!

Friday, October 1, 2010


Since both Owen and Ella have been fighting Strep throat we have been doing absolutely nothing lately! Really nothing. Owen is finally better and Ella is better too so we decided to get out the paint.

Owen was so excited..and I'm glad I got this picture before lunch time because after lunch time the kids were playing in the basement and Ella threw a toy car at Owen's face. Yep, a really hard car toy which punctured his skin right below his eye.

Ella is different than Owen in that she hates getting stuff on her hands and every time she got paint on her hands she wanted me to clean them off.

Ignore my dirty garage! And Owen's underwear!