Wednesday, May 19, 2010

AHHH.....Some Sun!

It was such a great day on Monday that I thought I should break out some of the water toys...but still too lazy for swimsuits!

They really do love each other..Ella is pretty much Owens shadow.

Evidence that mom wasn't fully prepared for the water table. The clothes were soaked in less that 5 minutes but dried rather quickly on the fence. This sunshine was short's been raining since!

Monday, May 10, 2010


Owen started soccer this Spring. He loves to show off his stomach.

Always cracking a smile.

Owen in action. Although he likes to run around we don't think he really likes soccer. But that's alright!


A few weeks ago the kids and I went up to our friends cabin..Blake was sick! It was lots of fun. My only advice it to not carry your one year old a mile and then expect your back to feel fine!

This is Hazel and Owen by the stream. Owen loved throwing rocks but almost took out Hazel a couple of times!

This is Jane. She is so cute and she has so much energy!