Wednesday, January 12, 2011


I'm pretty sure I'm getting rusty at taking pictures! My kids were playing in Ella' s room today so I decided to grab my camera and take some shots! I think winter has me in a funk because I didn't enjoy taking the pictures as much as I normally do!!

These moments are payback for my mom!

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

December Happenings

Wow lots happened in December and I'm now just posting them. All I can say is that since Tessa has been born it has been crazy and I hardly have my camera anymore!

This is Owen at his preschool Christmas program.

Owen and his class only sang two songs for this program and he had been practicing so I was so excited. When it was his classes turn they got up and I started recording. Owen said to me that he needed to go to the bathroom (right at the start of the first song) and I told him to wait until after he was done singing. He apparently did not like that answer so he refused to sing and turned his back to the crowd and crossed his arms. It was pretty funny. I took him to the bathroom and he sung the second song just fine!

This is at the Zoo Lights. Owen has started breaking the law at a young age. He was not suppose to be on the grass!

This is at our ward caroling night. You get on a huge trailer and go around singing in the neighborhood! It is great fun. Thanks Katie for taking this picture and remembering to bring your camera!

This is Zoo lights again. We went with our friends and once again I forgot my camera so thanks for taking these Katie

Ella and Tallie!

Our family + Mr. Lance!

This is Christmas Eve in her new jammies!

Our tradition (which Owen did not want to be part of this year)!

New jammies....Owen said the other day,"Mom, I love Ella..she is my best friend!" Isn't that sweet!

All of us in our jammies.

Ella playing Mary.

Our Gingerbread houses!

Blake and I celebrating Christmas with my mom before she left to Canada.

Blake and Ella at Temple square.

Owen and I at Temple square.

Owen loved the lights this year!

Blake and I before his work party..which was awesome this year!