Friday, October 31, 2014


I got the opportunity to volunteer in Ella's classroom on Halloween for her party. It was a lot of fun to see her in her class and how she interacted with her friends. 

I had to sneek over and got a quick picture with Owen and his buddies at recess.

The parade was so great...except it took FOREVER for it to start!!!

The girls and I were witches. Owen was a Jedi. Wyatt was a bat..the cutest bat you've ever seen.

This is our dear friend and neighbor Jan Bernson. She has been through a LOT this year. She had a stroke then lost her husband in February. She is such a fighter! We just had to take Wyatt over to her house to trick-or-treat.

Halloween night we went to Katie Taggarts moms house for dinner. It was amazing. She had chili and pizza and salad! It was so yummy. 

Cute Collin Wilkinson.

All the gang minus Wyatt. He wouldn't have lasted so we left him home to help grandma Linda pass out candy. 

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